Wednesday, 24 December 2008

my first plant

ma bought me an orange plant today. thanks ma! i'm going to take real good care of it.
maybe one day it will grow to be a great tree! yes!

Monday, 22 December 2008

how things look printed


SORRY MA; that is the cover, it is part of some bigger picture, and if other stuff gets done, maybe the bigger picture will be revealed, or maybe it won't and i'll just get round to scanning the bigger picture properly for the sake of it.

Sunday, 21 December 2008

holiday snaps;




12 pages of handwritten luxurious text and a few drawings, £1 to for a copy in FULL TECHNICOLOUR, snaps of the final printed product when i've done the cover tomorrow. or maybe for free if you make it worth my while (i accept haiku's, tobacco, good will, and other things i can't think of right now)

Thursday, 18 December 2008


There's no more school for a couple of weeks, YEAAAH!
So far I have celebrated by TIDYING and SORTING and finally MAKING USE of all the space i have since my brother left;

there's a long way to go because everything was real messy in my old purple room and i am still slow, but soon everything will be in order, i will feel a great sense of peace and harmony and i will be able to get one with some good real fun stuff. SWEET.

i have also been celebrating by covering shifts, but there aren't really any pictures for that. and i guess it wasn't much of a celebration. WAAAAAAAAAH

thats it. oh! granny's staying for a few days and cal is home soon. yes yes yes board games all round!

Sunday, 14 December 2008

self healing

i spent some real time healing myself and working on someting that probably didn't need so much time and was probably not worth the time but it felt good to focus on detail and focus in general for a few hours rather than a few minutes and it's probablty something i need to do more often. i mean it's not perfect infact its not that great at all but it means issue seven is up.

hey look at what ma is making me, look how much time and effort she has put into it! look how lovely and warm and beautiful it is! thanks ma! sorry for being a jerk before ma, i got wound up into a big fat sourpuss mood.

Friday, 12 December 2008


7 drawings, 3 sentences & 2 collages
same rules apply, 50p b&w print, £1 colour print. i don't really mean rules, i just mean information, but using phrases is cool.
oh, the paper it's wrapped in will be different, but the cover will be the same, it'll just say TWO instead of ONE. I'll take pictures when some are printed but ink is low right now so i can't print anything properly. everything turns purple. it sucks.

Thursday, 11 December 2008

Monday, 8 December 2008


i've been printing onto moleskin paper for college stuff and i was all BLAH BLAH COLLEGE STUFF I'M SICK OF YOU COLLEGE STUFF and decided not to finish what i was doing with them and i kind of liked printing onto moleskin paper because

a) the quality is good, i kind of got the idea from hollis brown thornton but he goes through some massive pigment transfer shit, i just went straight for inkjet.
b) i bought a whole £12.90 moleskin today with discount so it was £9.03 and then i tore it apart, i felt good tearing it apart, kind of like some stand against consumerism. moleskins aren't really bad things, they're actually good, i like using them, but they're overpriced and people are all "good quality notebook oh yes really well made hmm hmm" i feel a bit pretentious when i use one. maybe. i don't know, it felt good tearing it apart anyway. i tore very carefully of course so i could use the pages to print on.

yeah so i liked it so i printed this picture i scanned in from my atlas of the mountains and the sea and then i made that print into a little notebook and stuck a little white strip there for someones name. i might make more of these and sell them at a loss, (to stand against moleskin, even though i don't know why i want to) but then the image might be copyrighted or something.

anyway, if you want this for some reason (it's got 28 pages, the paper inside is okay, if you picked up issue six, thats the paper i used, kind of cheap sketchbook paper) then i will gladly trade for anything between a pack of cutters choice to american spirit
i do not accept amber leaf, gold leaf or drum, thanks.

that drop at these are the coolest things ever (and this one), is because issue seven is about 70% done.

Friday, 5 December 2008

festive friday

partying with ma and pa

Thursday, 4 December 2008

combined experience

hoolu documented her saturday and i documented my monday and then i made collages from the pictures, i made lots and i haven't finished yet, but here are five of them. thank you hoolu

this is college work, this is similar to what will happen when what happened is done, but what happened will spark many different types of things. for example; i intend to make and photograph everyone's choice of last meal, if i could i would invite everyone round to feast and be merry, but i might just invite round my nanna and grandad, or take some down to the nearest homeless shelter, to be a good person etc.

Tuesday, 2 December 2008

Monday, 1 December 2008


For my unit four photography work and blah blah I'm asking people to document the second week of december through a series of tasks.
I will complete the tasks too - and ten times over - to create pieces of work (collages, photographs, whatevers) using the material i receive combined with my own documentation.

First though, i'm making little booklets explaining the tasks to give out, yo0u can have one if you like, you can stick things in it, write in it, poo on it, throw it at people, papier mache from it, whatever you want (but really if you get one, please don't take me up on the latter three suggestions, it would be nice if even as little as one of the tasks was completed.)

Once i've received everything and done all the combining and making and doing and papiermachéing, i'll send little personal books back to those who've helped with copies of the work which i've made from their specific contributions as a !thank you!
Well, the book i send back will actually be one of two copies, one of the copies will make up the final piece thing.

The collages up there were made lovingly this afternoon using google image results from searching the eighth of december; the ninth of december; the tenth of december; the twelth of december; the thirteenth of december and the fourteenth of december (alll the dates which the project will cover,) four of them will be chosen and become different covers for the booklets, they just need to be made more "cover-y" (adding a fancy photoshop title. woop woop). I'll probably finish them and print them up tomorrow and start givin' 'em out. SWEET.

The tasks (in summarised form) are as follows;
TASK ONE - Fill out the following diary pages as thoroughly as possible (pages with daynames are provided)
TASK TWO - Document one day this week in photographs
TASK THREE - Take clippings from one days newspaper this week
TASK FOUR - Collect things through one day this week
TASK FIVE - Take pictures of everyone who you spend time with one day this week
TASK SIX - Spend time with someone of significance to you one day this week, take pictures and write about it
TASK SEVEN - shove the completed booklet, along with all photos and clippings and collected things in the envelope provided and, if you've provided me with an address, wait to get your "response" back, in the mean time, check WWW.FLICKR.COM/PHOTOS/THISISWHATHAPPENED for images and updates and etc. etc. e-mail NICETOKNOW@ROCKETMAIL.COM with any questions or whatever.

If i know you, it is likely that i will give you a booklet and force you to help me out. if i don't know you and you want one, you might be able to find one around manchester, but if not, e-mail me and you can feel good about yourself for helping a brother out. OR if i do know you but don't give you a booklet because i'm not sure if you'd want one but you actually do, flick me on the nose, i'll cry a little, but i'll know what you mean and thank you for the kind thought.

Friday, 28 November 2008

left behind

this is nothing. i've been cutting things out and sticking things down and then using whats left over to stick down in a different way.

i'm really into this guy called nicholas venaglia. i spent the last of my weeks money on a couple of his zines. he inspired an ocean, so did mt eerie who are long lasting, venaglia made this amazing piece called fraigle noise, which also inspired that thing i'm working towards, but i'm going to call mine fragile noise, jess hilliard inspired that too (at least his book did, that i already blogged about, vaguely, and everyone everyone should read). i like alot at the moment. i'm hyper at the moment. i'm aWAKE