Friday, 8 February 2008

long way down

At the moment I am trying to succeed in doing at least one creative thing a day, so I thought I would create a blog to express that. Or something. Blogs are just fun, aren't they? Everyone should have a blog, unless they're a particularly boring person. Don't make a blog if you're just going to write about what you had for breakfast and what some boy said to you on the bus and how you decided to do your hair that day. Unless of course you had something fantastically interesting for breakfast, or that boy told you something amazing, I couldn't imagine what at this point, but whatever who cares?
Anyway, I recently got back from a trip to Barcelona with college, it was very interesting, and I grew fond of taking photographs of things from extremely great heights, which I hope explains my reason for displaying the pictures below. Although I didn't "create" them today, I uploaded and edited them today so I think that can count as my creative entry. I did do a painting but I'm not particularly pleased with it, infact it looks completely retarded, I don't know why I decided to focus my unit 2 art coursework on the human form. I'm an idiot.

More photos, including ones that were taken from a normal height that are almost interesting, can be found on my myspace page - here
You know, in the pictures section.

Also, it's Friday so...
My album of the week is Vetiver's To Find Me Gone
My book of the week is Nabokov's Lolita
My film of the week is Heathers
My word of the week is Blues

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