Wednesday, 30 April 2008

shankhill butchers

art exam went alright yesterday, helped by cigarettes and the decemberists. who are coming back into my life which is nice. valet helped a bit too but made me disorientated.
those photos are shoddy cos they're like canon powershot oh wow.

i'm worried about alot. this week has been difficult because i've been so ill. i really dont' want to go in tomorrow.
the weekend was weird but ended in a sort of resolve which i felt good about until today.
shit willpower.

I had loads iwas going to say but i completely forgot. oh well.

Friday, 25 April 2008

city of refuge

Collages & stuff from collage. not pleased with the one with superimposed ben, but i hadn't got round to printing off enough material, they were using offcasts from photography work.

This week has been long & taxing, but at least i've been getting some work done.

Album of the week = soulsavers' it's not how far you fall but the way you land
Last weeks' was Silver Jews' American Water but i had to delete that entry.

Wednesday, 23 April 2008

ocean 1, 2, 3

finally! development work. it's a shame this was supposed to be done weeks ago. and that it's fairly shoddy/ i'm not big at collaging though so yeah. i kind of like how it looks. i doubt my art teacher will. she wants me to do some Matisse shit. or german expressionist shit. YAWN.

blah blah i'm not feeling good at the moment but i won't bore. if you see me though, feel free to give me a hug & tell me it'll all be okay.

Saturday, 12 April 2008

i'm fully in love with harrell fletcher

tit smoking in the temple of artisan mimicry

for my art exam, kind of lame. + shitty scans cos my bookis too big
i love how different my creative output is when i'm back in college.
ugh. i can't wait to leave for edinburgh

+ on the train last night, i hadn't slept in well over 24 hours and it was sending me funny. hah, i'm such a pussy.

I went cd shopping yesterday for the first time in ages & got Rejoicing in the Hands for 6 quid, and it came with an awesome little book of his drawings, it's so lovely. I love devendra banhart so so so much. He is perfect. I also love vinyl exchange.

album of the week = yo la tengo - i am not afraid of you and will beat your ass

Monday, 7 April 2008

mutual appreciation

tonight i made a boxy for my cigarettesys./
well, i didn't really. i decorated rach's box, which she wanted back after i'd ridded her of cherry cigarettes. Soz rach!
it won't last long, but it's nice. i'm wondering, more pen work on the birdy?

first day back at college today. weird. it's nearly sleepy time too and i have done nowhere near what i needed to for tomorrow. again! ha!

starting a comic with howard. got a story. gonn' be safe.

Thursday, 3 April 2008

sixteen straws

it's another deer. oh dear.

+photos of papas hovel. i finally did some coursework work. haha
shame it's like two weeks too late and gutted it only took me five minutes. oh well.
i am going to f-a-i-l unless i get my act together. lame.

mama and papa go away tomorrow morning. crazy! two weeks alone :S
now i'll know what it's like to be an adult.
un pomme

and later, i'll upload a picture of a deer.

Tuesday, 1 April 2008

flourescent grey

Oh no, David Hockney threw up and didn't stick around to clean up the mess.

Photoshop started shitting everywhere so i couldn't finish a killer version i was working on and had to resort to using "photostudio 5." as if.
art coursework + something poweard wanted. 2 birds are dead!

Yeah i know, third entry today alright i just keep trying until i feel good about something i've done. i'm no quitter.
speaking of, i need a cigarette.
night night night night

oh dear jess

i feel very sorry for myself at the moment. everything i try & draw or paint just turns to shit. and i am restless and all over the place. how annoying. all i can do is laugh at myself. hence the stupid cliched picture. boo hoo hoo jess. get over it.

rebel jew

Photees from nottingham
they're all on myspace aswell.
i had an okay day today.