Sunday, 18 May 2008


it's been a while since i updated. all art & photography coursework is in, i only have one more exam to go and then i am free free free as a bird!
today i have mostly been looking at uni prospectus's and doodling. i don't know where to go. it doesn't really matter anyway, i've still got a few months to decide where to apply to, i'm just wasting time cos i don't want to revise for ancient history. the exam isn't till thursday, but i'm going to the central library tomorrow to get some work done.
this week has been okay. i didn't sleep either sunday or monday night, trying to get all my coursework done, but it was worth it. i had to hand in one of my art sketchbooks unfinished but nevermind. here's some of the stuff i was doing;

+ this is a photo of mamma and pappa and callum for patograpghy. which went a bit better than art, although my unit two book is a STATE. nevermind,. it all got handed in by tuesday and i got to sleep. yay/
i had an english exam on friday too. that went okay. i think. i don't know really. i wrote like eight pages.....

dan came round on friday to revise. but that only lasted half an hour. we went on a walk at half four in the morning, unfortunately it's now getting light at that time. which blows. the train station is really creepy in the dark, which was the point of the trip.; nevermind. more on flickr soon.

DOODLES. from my nice 20p book that i've finally had chance to use! yes.
nothing special though

album of the week would be,... Mogwai#s kicking a dead pig

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