Sunday, 25 May 2008


haven't got much done today, sadly. i saw the new indy film though and it was
i kind of wanted to have each figure finished tonight, if not perfectly, cos i still have to paint over the "background". i've been painting on calico which i find is a really nice surface, considering it's just a cheap textile, but i need to paint white around the figures cos the colour of the fabric isn't great, and then i need to cut it out well and sew around the edges. i was just going to hem around and sort something out at the top for a pole to go through so it can be hung, i might just leave it though. there's not much point to it anyway other than something for me to be doing while school's out and mayyyybe submit it to noise. it's going alright though, not how i imagined but nothing ever is, and that bird in the blue is a bitch, the last one on the other side is going to be a bitch too. i was going to paint myself into it. HA!
yeah anyway i wanted to get it done by tomorrow cos i have many other things i want to do. i'm too ambitious. l-a-m-e
here is me painting (alright i used self timer and it makes me look like a hunchback dollop but i like to document things like this because it rarely happens that i apply myself to anything that takes more than ten minutes) & a detail of the three finishedsies

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