Monday, 5 May 2008

point of disgust

i just spent about two and a half hours editing photos. what a drag. I only have a few more to take though before i've finished the unit. exciting. i haven't really done any proper work since tuesday which sucks, but it's bank holiday monday today which is nice so i'm getting on with things, i have one more week to finish all art and photography work, which means doing two final pieces, completing one, and finishing off 5 sketchbooks, in various states of disarray.
There are more photos on flickr.
i really need to get a pro account at some point. egh.

This week has been one of firsts, but i've had fun, my cough still hasn't got better though since like.. last friday or something?
I had a hair cut on saturday, that was nice, and i've bought two new dresses and a pair of heels that really hurt, but they only cost a pound so i can't complain, my mamma didn't like them though. nothing else really happened, maybe it has, i don't know, my brain is all shut down from cropping and level adjusting and saturation tweaking.
i hate photography sometimes.

anyway, have some face melts

and photos of my friends, we had a nice time together on thursday.

Album of the week (which was technically due on friday, as ever) = trust, by Low.

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