Thursday, 29 May 2008

some summers they drop like flies

based on human, animal and plant life; focusing on beginnings = tree roots, foetus, birds "flying the nest". presented as a cycle because existence is cyclical.

i'm not as impressed by this finished as i was while i was working on it. as i said before, i was going to make it very busy and full of things (cells, cogs, flowers, etc.) but i decided not to because i thought it looked good simple & i'm a pro at ruining things while i'm ahead. maybe i should've gone ahead, but then i'd be saying OH I WISH I'D HAVE LEFT IT SIMPLER.


the foetus is missing a foot, i was going to leave it considering i was originally going to do lots of detail but i'm thinking now, should i add it?
i don't know why i ask, nobody will answer

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