Tuesday, 6 May 2008

they're gonna build a ladder

my only afternoon lesson was cancelled today so i came home at lunch and sat in my garden, smoking and painting. it was beautiful, and !scorchio!
however, this did not go as i intended. i wanted the sort of "figurative"/"francis bacon" approach but i just look like a really shite painter, which is kind of true but i'm 70% positive i used to be better. i guess i just need more patience & practise. it's not finished anyway, i need to take it in & ask miss north, even though she is the most angry, least approachable art teacher on the planet.

Despite getting that down i haven't done one thing i had on my list for today, because i started to get depressed, so ate one and a half of the big bars of chocolate because it was buy 1 get 1 free at the shop, and fell asleep after hollyoaks, then woke up and watched more tv. i really hate myself. and i feel fat so i'm going to have to wear something different to what i intended to college tomorrow. shallow, i know, but important.
i was supposed to have all my photos taken for patography so i could drop them in for printing tomorrow and get them back on thursday, but i'm just going to have to drop them in on thursday and pay for 1 hour printing. ew.
here are some at joe's house that i took yesterday though, he's nowhere near as good at posing for photos as nanna and granpops. + absolutely none of the photos of him are in focus apart from this one, where his EYES ARE CLOSED and the composition is off, so i'm going to need to go back tomorrow. ew.
energy saving lightbulbs are a b-i-t-c-h. fuck you environment.

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