Friday, 27 June 2008

whales not wales

started as a card for dan, i got carried away. i hope he likes whales

this week i have been to oxford and back, it was nice. don't intend to attend the university but the city is cute.

some pretty awful books in that window mind. bleugh

my creative output has been low this week which makes me less that happy. nevermiund though, no more real plans for a while, & only two more weeks of college till summer, i think?

a.o.t.w should be song of the week which is kings of convenience & feist's The Build Up.

Saturday, 21 June 2008


this week has been too busy, not been much time to do anything. these are unfinsihed, hopefully get some stuff done tonight, i've decided to stay in in

album of the week issssss fleet foxes (self titled)
i think?
not sure

Sunday, 15 June 2008

busy busy busy

arbitrary scraps dating summer '06 - summer '08.

too thick & badly scanned. no grand theme/ inspiration for new project;

!weekly scrapbooks!;
  • collecting clippings, art scraps, leaflets, school notes, doodles, papers used and thrown away, cigarette packets, bus & tram tickets, etc throughout the week
  • binding them all together every sunday afternoon into little hand made scrap books like this
+ new "product" prototype, made from recycled paperz (shit i found lying around) etc. etc.

if i had more money i'd do a public art thing and just give them away free. however i am absolutely positivel skint and am thinking of selling them for around 3 pounds each. i have a big project in mind for once i've raised some money though. finsihed ones will have 1st class stamps on the envelopes (how much do stamps actually cost? maybe make that 2nd class) and come in a cute little package (made from tracing paper so the cover design can be seen) with instructions/what the package contains/what the book says/a link to some myspace or whatever that i'll set up to sell shit. i have loads of other notebook designs & i've found some cheap screenprinting techniques, so tshirts etc might happen aswell. definitely bags and i've wanted to make bookmarks for like... ever. [come soon, summer!]
anyway yeah, i'll make different booklets with set ups like "you are my best friend because" "i love you because" "you are the best dad because" etc. etc.
they sound lame, i'm not sure yet.

maybe i'm getting too ahead of myself?
when am i ever not

i need to purchase some twine and some glue

oh yeah, album of the week is probably cinematic orchestra - ma fleur.
finally got round to listening to it after months hahaha


Saturday, 14 June 2008

loco en londres

old but i've been looking at it. a finsihed panel from mine & howards comic. it'll get done some day... right? no. it looks like the guy's got a cleft palate. i should fix that. nothing else to upload from the past few days, unfortunately didn't get nico back in time to get pictures of finished ntebooks but lets see how they sell in okla, might be making more. i've been in reading & london for the past cuople of days, open days & degree shows and stuff. reading was boring. but great god! goldsmiths is so wonderful, the campus is gorgeous and the art is so good + a devendra banhart lookalike,. i was weak! it's annoying they don't do a foundation year, but now i've seen it i'm considering changing my plans but i'll wait tll i've seen eca. then on the way to st martins we saw that the camberwell show was on (which the webstie said it wasn't) so popped in, only got to look at their foundation work but crikey, it's so amazing. i was fully blown away. it makes me nervous. then on the way to st martins there was some sort of naked parade on bicycles which was purely unneccessary, and it'[s a good job i didn't have my specs on. st martins was pretty much sold for me by the bearded beatnik boy sitting on a window sill and smoking, rahter than goig all the way out the building. laziness & style & beards = perfect.
my first ever trip to london was also packed with many other things, it's so busy, but i like it.

Tuesday, 10 June 2008


three layers of block printing + pen work. they all look pretty retarded but i kind of like them that way? not as pleased with the deer as i hoped, fairly pleased with the wolf. might make bigger (length of A5 squared?) notebooks using these designs. i'm going notebook crazy! aha, lame. yes. scanner messed them a bit.

Monday, 9 June 2008


NOOOTEBOOOKSSS. almost all done & ready for selling time, jsut got to stitch a few together (the stapler packed in, boo hoo), cut them down so the paper inside fits the cover, & make a stamp for the back inside cover with my name & stuff. yeaaah

heres a few of the designs

hopefully i'll get nico back tomorrow so i can take better pictures of them & some have interesting paper inside.
how exciting!

i need a name for them all, cos i cant' just have the stamp saying "hand made by jess" cos jess is an unfortunately popular name.. suggestions on a postcard

Saturday, 7 June 2008

great news

some of my notebooks are going to be sold in oklahoma!

nocturnal animals

pen & watercolour sketches.
not impressed by raccoon & bat. happy with others, despite the little fox's wonky eye.

Friday, 6 June 2008

sylvia sylvia sylvia

i've been making animal prints! i forgot how much i'd missed block printing, it's awesome.

gonna put those in frames i got from the charity shop ages ago and never used.

i'm sad because the seahorse was smudged and the layout is dodgy. but hey, their names are in french because it is !educational!

+ i made a prototype notebook, i messed u pthe printing and couldn't find the stapler, but if it was made better, would you buy something like this? & if so, how much would you pay. message me somehow (myspace, flickr, devart or otherwise)!

album of the week = cat power - moonpix OR beach house (self titled)

Thursday, 5 June 2008

chapter seven

so far i have 8 things wrong with it already but i've realised i write too much


meet lolita!
i got her last september and only just finished the film & got the prints. it's silyl but without a lightmeter and flash it's too difficult to use in gloomy british weather. it's summery now though so i think i'll use it more if i get a job. it costs twice as much for 12 medium format prints done over the same time as 24 35mm prints. stupid.

top two are from barcelona, oh memories.
i turned the one with the pillow into b&w cos there was a lightleak which wasn't working in colour.

yesterdays portrait was kerouac, continuing with the beatnik theme. its not great. must keep trying

& more altered book. the monster looks stupid. i can't do monsters either. need to work on that.

today i collated all the ideas i'd jotted down on various pages of my moleskin into one neat list and it spreads 4 pages. i really wish i didn't have to go back to college on monday!
i also went to see jules et jim. i love french new wave so much, every time i see one of the films i just feel so inspired, i want to make beautiful black and white films in paris so so so much.

my left ear just went weird

Wednesday, 4 June 2008

it's a real kafka high

it's william burroughs heckling jack kerouac! ahaha. i'm so witty and ironic.
this doesnt' look how i wanted it to, so i gave it to papa steve as an early fathers day present, it is fathers day soon, right? it made him laugh anyway.
i probably should've waited until i could get the scanner from my brothers room before i gave it to papa, mum's camera did it no justice, mine is still away from home :(
i was considerig doing a whole set of "hey beatnik!" pictures in different styles w/different people, partly cos i find it so amusing. then i thought i'd do a whole set of stuff to do with beatniks/beat generation. then i thought that would make me seem pretentious and up my own arse.
i can't win with me

Monday, 2 June 2008

1st portrait

4th entry of the day.
i need a boy.
and some sleep, i keep stepping in paint and trying to wash/facewipe my face with my glasses on.

told you i was no good at painting people. soz edgar, you were better when i watercoloured you a couple of years back, oddly enough.
always off with eyes and nose. and it looks like face shape's dodgy here too.
boo hoo
christ on a bike it's nearly 7am. so much for things i was supposed to do today. i think i'll just sleep for 12 hours or so, i'll sort them on wednesday.

night, blog.

altering books

been having f-u-n
iss my first time so dont' judge too hard.
some spreads are bien, some spreads less so.
i could go on all night but i ran out of glue :(

i've started a portrait sketchbook because i'm no good at doing portraits, i never know what style to draw them in or how to paint them, so it is time to overcome my issues. Plus, i got this very nice book for 1.50 and i've been looking for a way to use it. i can never just keep a "sketchbook" in the traditional sense. so i'm going to fill it solely with pictures of people. and save other notebooks for.. other things?
i doubt i'll use more than five pages but that's just how i am with sketchbooks. at least i'm not wasting a tenner like usual, when moleskins just become list books. i have an on the side notebook for doodles and ideas etc which only cost me 20p. I AM SAVING MONEY!

trust me to decorate the cover before i actually do anything in the book. lame.
that guy is classic though. ahahha . look at him. ahahahha