Monday, 2 June 2008

altering books

been having f-u-n
iss my first time so dont' judge too hard.
some spreads are bien, some spreads less so.
i could go on all night but i ran out of glue :(

i've started a portrait sketchbook because i'm no good at doing portraits, i never know what style to draw them in or how to paint them, so it is time to overcome my issues. Plus, i got this very nice book for 1.50 and i've been looking for a way to use it. i can never just keep a "sketchbook" in the traditional sense. so i'm going to fill it solely with pictures of people. and save other notebooks for.. other things?
i doubt i'll use more than five pages but that's just how i am with sketchbooks. at least i'm not wasting a tenner like usual, when moleskins just become list books. i have an on the side notebook for doodles and ideas etc which only cost me 20p. I AM SAVING MONEY!

trust me to decorate the cover before i actually do anything in the book. lame.
that guy is classic though. ahahha . look at him. ahahahha

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