Sunday, 15 June 2008

busy busy busy

arbitrary scraps dating summer '06 - summer '08.

too thick & badly scanned. no grand theme/ inspiration for new project;

!weekly scrapbooks!;
  • collecting clippings, art scraps, leaflets, school notes, doodles, papers used and thrown away, cigarette packets, bus & tram tickets, etc throughout the week
  • binding them all together every sunday afternoon into little hand made scrap books like this
+ new "product" prototype, made from recycled paperz (shit i found lying around) etc. etc.

if i had more money i'd do a public art thing and just give them away free. however i am absolutely positivel skint and am thinking of selling them for around 3 pounds each. i have a big project in mind for once i've raised some money though. finsihed ones will have 1st class stamps on the envelopes (how much do stamps actually cost? maybe make that 2nd class) and come in a cute little package (made from tracing paper so the cover design can be seen) with instructions/what the package contains/what the book says/a link to some myspace or whatever that i'll set up to sell shit. i have loads of other notebook designs & i've found some cheap screenprinting techniques, so tshirts etc might happen aswell. definitely bags and i've wanted to make bookmarks for like... ever. [come soon, summer!]
anyway yeah, i'll make different booklets with set ups like "you are my best friend because" "i love you because" "you are the best dad because" etc. etc.
they sound lame, i'm not sure yet.

maybe i'm getting too ahead of myself?
when am i ever not

i need to purchase some twine and some glue

oh yeah, album of the week is probably cinematic orchestra - ma fleur.
finally got round to listening to it after months hahaha


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