Wednesday, 4 June 2008

it's a real kafka high

it's william burroughs heckling jack kerouac! ahaha. i'm so witty and ironic.
this doesnt' look how i wanted it to, so i gave it to papa steve as an early fathers day present, it is fathers day soon, right? it made him laugh anyway.
i probably should've waited until i could get the scanner from my brothers room before i gave it to papa, mum's camera did it no justice, mine is still away from home :(
i was considerig doing a whole set of "hey beatnik!" pictures in different styles w/different people, partly cos i find it so amusing. then i thought i'd do a whole set of stuff to do with beatniks/beat generation. then i thought that would make me seem pretentious and up my own arse.
i can't win with me

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