Saturday, 14 June 2008

loco en londres

old but i've been looking at it. a finsihed panel from mine & howards comic. it'll get done some day... right? no. it looks like the guy's got a cleft palate. i should fix that. nothing else to upload from the past few days, unfortunately didn't get nico back in time to get pictures of finished ntebooks but lets see how they sell in okla, might be making more. i've been in reading & london for the past cuople of days, open days & degree shows and stuff. reading was boring. but great god! goldsmiths is so wonderful, the campus is gorgeous and the art is so good + a devendra banhart lookalike,. i was weak! it's annoying they don't do a foundation year, but now i've seen it i'm considering changing my plans but i'll wait tll i've seen eca. then on the way to st martins we saw that the camberwell show was on (which the webstie said it wasn't) so popped in, only got to look at their foundation work but crikey, it's so amazing. i was fully blown away. it makes me nervous. then on the way to st martins there was some sort of naked parade on bicycles which was purely unneccessary, and it'[s a good job i didn't have my specs on. st martins was pretty much sold for me by the bearded beatnik boy sitting on a window sill and smoking, rahter than goig all the way out the building. laziness & style & beards = perfect.
my first ever trip to london was also packed with many other things, it's so busy, but i like it.

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