Thursday, 5 June 2008


meet lolita!
i got her last september and only just finished the film & got the prints. it's silyl but without a lightmeter and flash it's too difficult to use in gloomy british weather. it's summery now though so i think i'll use it more if i get a job. it costs twice as much for 12 medium format prints done over the same time as 24 35mm prints. stupid.

top two are from barcelona, oh memories.
i turned the one with the pillow into b&w cos there was a lightleak which wasn't working in colour.

yesterdays portrait was kerouac, continuing with the beatnik theme. its not great. must keep trying

& more altered book. the monster looks stupid. i can't do monsters either. need to work on that.

today i collated all the ideas i'd jotted down on various pages of my moleskin into one neat list and it spreads 4 pages. i really wish i didn't have to go back to college on monday!
i also went to see jules et jim. i love french new wave so much, every time i see one of the films i just feel so inspired, i want to make beautiful black and white films in paris so so so much.

my left ear just went weird


sherwin said...

on those ones from barcelona, is that me or jess

i can't tell. i'd like it to be me ahaha :)

sherwin x

jess_higgins said...

it's jess. sorrrry!