Wednesday, 30 July 2008

hi there

in the past few days i have
- drawn some pictures (obviously)
- realised i should draw more
-been to see BATMAN OH MY GOSH!
- started to knit a scarf

(i intend to knit a red one, a navy one, a dark green one, and a grey one, then i can co-ordinate with any outfit)
- worked on my embroidery

- realised that i DO love bonnie prince billy & have been kidding myself into indifference all this time
- made dinner on more than one occassion
- and other things. but obviously the highlight was

loved it. 10/5.
now i'm off to town to hang out before seeing nissenen-mondai at the deaf institute thanks to petitia

Monday, 28 July 2008

play wizz fire

this is the beginning of CYENAPLEOADIC. howevrer i'm not so sure it was such a good idea & i may not carry on. i'm not feeling the style of collage; it's too messy and it's not defined enough. i'm not sure. i like the dada ethos of the project and i like the way double sided collaging works, like each side working with the other and building layers and stuff, but i don't think i'll make it a priority to finish the whole project in any great rush.
Anyway, today was a disaster, apart from mum driving all the way to the snowdome just to go to the ice cream shop with dozens of flavours to get us all some ice cream, i was however quite disappointed with the selection, they were surely thinking quantity over quality. i chose one scoop of chocolate and one scoop of white chocolate chip though and it was nice.
the weekend was good and i have nico back! I'm quite tired but i might paint or make a dress later on. or i might sleep now. we'll see if my body & mind are going to be kind to me.
my embroidery is going well.

Thursday, 24 July 2008

i cooked my family a nice big meal today

I've been embroidering & it feels so good. the only bit of this which is finsihed is the head & neck & there's still bits of greaseproof paper stiuck in all the tiny fiddley bits but i've been handstitching in dim l;ight for fucking hours and my brain & eyes hurt. I'm really looking forward to getting it done as it will be so much of an accomplishment you wouldn't believe and i really hope it looks beatiful. i fucked up the legs but this is only a sort of.. test one? I've been wanting to do animal skeleton embroideries for ages & i intend on going to the museum to take more reference photos but i need nico back. I just used a photo i took for my unit 1 c/w for this one because i was anxious to get started. just like i'm anxious to start work on CYENAPLEOADIC, YOUMAKEMEFEELSO, FOUR SHORT STORIES & SELF MOTIVATING POSTERS (the four main summer projects, along side callums mural which has gained a bearded man & the outline of some russian dolls. i've not been in a painting mood).
I've also decided that i'm going to buy a ball of wool on my way to work on saturday and knit me a scarf or three for when winter arrives. I bought some green fabric yesterday for a dress, a lovely dark foresty green. I'm gonna make it real nice, maybe tomorrow because I'm not working. I also bought a nice green skirt (for a pound, as per) & a 25g pack of baccy yesterday. It felt GOOOD. so did selling a notebook to ben. so did going to the cinema to see Mamma Mia.
no. joke.

Tuesday, 22 July 2008

blue-green arrow

For the most part today was very bad and I have eaten only junk food & watched myself bulge & bulge. But since then i have written a story which is healthy because i haven't written a story in so long and i now have 501 projects floating around in my cranium.

I really need a "muse" but I love Yo La Tengo so much. It doesn't matter that that statement doesn't make sense.
Art again tomorrow. I can't make pictures on work days.

Monday, 21 July 2008

i made a dress!
still don't have nico back, hence the lame myspace style bathroom picture, but i should do later in the week so i'll get better ones then. i'm not sure it's very "me" anyway so i might try & sell it. i was more testing out the pattern for the dress tonight and it works (sort of, probably better on someone with a less awkward shape) but i thought i may as well finish it off with the horseies and darling pocket which is a good size. i think i'll wear it tomorrow & see how i feel. if anyone does want it though i'll probably sell it for about £15 (because it's not perrrfectly made but i did handprint it) and would fit around a size 12-14 (i'll make sure it's washed, hand washed, with fabric conditioner and everything.) e-mail me
or just GO TO MY FRIKKIN SHOP and message me there


exciting. done on acetates, using both sides of 1 page of book each, rearranged and layered and blah blah. i'd love to hang them all up together in a big white room in a big line so that they would work with each other & create more and more layers and shapes.
feeling glum today but i'm glad i finally got these done, i've been thinkiong about them for a while and now have an idea for a whole new project to add to the 500 other project ideas i have. i wish wish wish i didn't have to work. it is ultra lame.;
the weather is finally nice though which is a major +

Wednesday, 16 July 2008


since breaking up from college i have;
started my work experience at noise, not spent too much money, slept alot, began a summer painting project with katy & dan, been to frodsham and started my brothers giant painting for him to take to uni in september

not gonn' have nico for a while though so progress on both will either go undocumented or monitored by canon mothership ixus

Thursday, 10 July 2008

the deserte dballroom

today has been good. i had much free time so went to oklahoma and hung out drinking coffee and drawing. i also found out that my unit 1 coursework is being exhibited at the school of art. huzzah! papa is going to meet me in town tomorrow after college (last day last day) for a little day out and we are going to browse the exhibition. lovely.

photos from homework stuff;

drawing from the other day;

drawing i started while sat on the bench alone at college yesterday until nyla/raymah/viki came to say hello because i looked lonely which is ever so reminiscent of the first day, i reckon i was sat on the same bench aswell, funny;

that on'es funny too cos dan said to me today "hey jess whats your obsession with deer and birds." THERE IS SOMETHING WRONG WITH MEEE

sat in okla today;

sat outside okla today;

need to work on live street drawing, cos it's one of my FAVE types of drawing. ha i said fave,. ew.
+ had an idea for what to do for contextual study today which is annoying cos i won't be starting that for another 6 months and will probablyn think it's lame by then but struggle to think of something better.
rented a dvd of godard short films as well, so beautiful. i need to make film make film make film, it's lucky i borrowed a tripod from college. aaawwwhh yeeeaaaaaahh

Sunday, 6 July 2008


sound of art went well. i wasn't involved in photography so you'll have to take my word for it.
album of the week = anything yeah yeah yeahs, they've come back into my life and waking me up in the morning

there was anotherdrawing and some photos but my computer is failing big style

Thursday, 3 July 2008

morning paper

fairly unsuccessful attempts at getting creative juices flowing. these are those little card cupholders you get on take out coffee cups, i stole some from the canteen at college and originally planned to make really crazy intricate patterns on them,. but got lazy. i should at least have used reference pictures but nevermind
would like to have photographed them on cups but i can't find any suitably sized

to be of use

i'#ve slipped up again and it's getting me down. i have plenty of good ideas, just no drive. getting a job wasn't a good idea but i am broke and so are my family,. it's summer a week on friday so i'll only be wasting my life 4 days a week rather than 7.
self confidence is pretty low too so i'm feeling extraordinarily inadequate.
sound of art event thing tomorrow which is way out of my comfort zone and i will probably find embarrassing and intimidating.
went to see the klimt exhibition today, it was absolutely gorgeous.