Thursday, 10 July 2008

the deserte dballroom

today has been good. i had much free time so went to oklahoma and hung out drinking coffee and drawing. i also found out that my unit 1 coursework is being exhibited at the school of art. huzzah! papa is going to meet me in town tomorrow after college (last day last day) for a little day out and we are going to browse the exhibition. lovely.

photos from homework stuff;

drawing from the other day;

drawing i started while sat on the bench alone at college yesterday until nyla/raymah/viki came to say hello because i looked lonely which is ever so reminiscent of the first day, i reckon i was sat on the same bench aswell, funny;

that on'es funny too cos dan said to me today "hey jess whats your obsession with deer and birds." THERE IS SOMETHING WRONG WITH MEEE

sat in okla today;

sat outside okla today;

need to work on live street drawing, cos it's one of my FAVE types of drawing. ha i said fave,. ew.
+ had an idea for what to do for contextual study today which is annoying cos i won't be starting that for another 6 months and will probablyn think it's lame by then but struggle to think of something better.
rented a dvd of godard short films as well, so beautiful. i need to make film make film make film, it's lucky i borrowed a tripod from college. aaawwwhh yeeeaaaaaahh

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Diana said...

Heyy! I just found your blog and I like your drawings! Maybe when I have cooler stuff posted on my blog (HA HA), I'll link you or something. Did you make that brown bag yourself? Or is it a paper bag you drew on. Hah see I'm artistically clueless.