Monday, 21 July 2008

i made a dress!
still don't have nico back, hence the lame myspace style bathroom picture, but i should do later in the week so i'll get better ones then. i'm not sure it's very "me" anyway so i might try & sell it. i was more testing out the pattern for the dress tonight and it works (sort of, probably better on someone with a less awkward shape) but i thought i may as well finish it off with the horseies and darling pocket which is a good size. i think i'll wear it tomorrow & see how i feel. if anyone does want it though i'll probably sell it for about £15 (because it's not perrrfectly made but i did handprint it) and would fit around a size 12-14 (i'll make sure it's washed, hand washed, with fabric conditioner and everything.) e-mail me
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killerxkim said...

you are killer. frickin love this blog.

Anonymous said...

this dress is ridiculously cute!