Thursday, 24 July 2008

i cooked my family a nice big meal today

I've been embroidering & it feels so good. the only bit of this which is finsihed is the head & neck & there's still bits of greaseproof paper stiuck in all the tiny fiddley bits but i've been handstitching in dim l;ight for fucking hours and my brain & eyes hurt. I'm really looking forward to getting it done as it will be so much of an accomplishment you wouldn't believe and i really hope it looks beatiful. i fucked up the legs but this is only a sort of.. test one? I've been wanting to do animal skeleton embroideries for ages & i intend on going to the museum to take more reference photos but i need nico back. I just used a photo i took for my unit 1 c/w for this one because i was anxious to get started. just like i'm anxious to start work on CYENAPLEOADIC, YOUMAKEMEFEELSO, FOUR SHORT STORIES & SELF MOTIVATING POSTERS (the four main summer projects, along side callums mural which has gained a bearded man & the outline of some russian dolls. i've not been in a painting mood).
I've also decided that i'm going to buy a ball of wool on my way to work on saturday and knit me a scarf or three for when winter arrives. I bought some green fabric yesterday for a dress, a lovely dark foresty green. I'm gonna make it real nice, maybe tomorrow because I'm not working. I also bought a nice green skirt (for a pound, as per) & a 25g pack of baccy yesterday. It felt GOOOD. so did selling a notebook to ben. so did going to the cinema to see Mamma Mia.
no. joke.

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