Monday, 28 July 2008

play wizz fire

this is the beginning of CYENAPLEOADIC. howevrer i'm not so sure it was such a good idea & i may not carry on. i'm not feeling the style of collage; it's too messy and it's not defined enough. i'm not sure. i like the dada ethos of the project and i like the way double sided collaging works, like each side working with the other and building layers and stuff, but i don't think i'll make it a priority to finish the whole project in any great rush.
Anyway, today was a disaster, apart from mum driving all the way to the snowdome just to go to the ice cream shop with dozens of flavours to get us all some ice cream, i was however quite disappointed with the selection, they were surely thinking quantity over quality. i chose one scoop of chocolate and one scoop of white chocolate chip though and it was nice.
the weekend was good and i have nico back! I'm quite tired but i might paint or make a dress later on. or i might sleep now. we'll see if my body & mind are going to be kind to me.
my embroidery is going well.

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