Saturday, 16 August 2008

arbitrary animals

I didn't have to work today because the shop was closed. some giant electrical fault apparently. it was a very strange feeling NOT to have anything to do. normally it's all "complain complain complain i wish i didn't have to work, i wish i had more time" but when now i really do have time, and no money to follow up any social plans, i don't have a clue what to do. so i watched the brady bunch movie, went to morrisons for lunch with my brother, found out that tom waits was in mystery men?! and acquired a GORGEOUS new cardigan from mama higgins' dusty and not worn in years collection. Then i made this little book to get my brain and hand going. pretty disastrous though. Freehand illustrated animals, picked randomly from my nature encyclopaedia along with interesting facts! should've used pencil but it doesn't matterrr.
i'm over my results angst & thursday night was g-o-o-d. i hope i don't have to work tomorrow either. but i also kind of hope i do because i need DINERO.

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