Friday, 22 August 2008


Today i went to the library & got out two amazing books


One of them is about Ladywell hospital which was closed & demolished about ten years ago, i think. It's a collection of stories from people who worked there and patients etc. Even some poems. Hoepfully it'll be amazing and inspirational. So will the book about dance bands, which has some awesome pictures.

Then i went charity shopping and got this amazing pack of cards for 50p, they were printed by Ilford in the 80's and have nice gold edges. The illustrations are pretty good & they hadn't even been unwrapped properly, so they're all new.. but old at the same time? Anyway they'll be good for when me & dan are waiting in the bus station to go to london on monday night.

I also got a nice dress which has SLEEVES. i don't have a dress with sleeves, so i'm pretty chuffed with that. I took pictures of buildings aswell and i was going to draw them but i watched mean girls and ate chocolate instead and now i have a headache.

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