Tuesday, 12 August 2008

Hey! Whats your problem?

On monday I hung out with my best bud Dan, we organised & booked our trip to LONDON in two weeks time which I am very excited about and I plan to spend most of my time in the natural history museum. Will potentially have to do a Margot & Ritchie and camp out there because we haven't actually sorted where we're staying yet.
He also agreed to help out with my amazing17th birthday plans. Which mamma gave the go ahead for. We're going to turn my shed into a wonderful den to chill out in, open mic, silent films, beer served from the red car, bikes hanging from the rafters (well, one bike, and other stuff we found in the shed), fairy lights & rugs. It's going to be awesome.

Today was tiring, I was at work all day but got to catch up with dan, hina, rosa & josh on my lunch break which was l-o-v-e-l-y. Then i had a nap and watched a documentary on HUMBOLDT SQUIDS. Seriously good.

Most importantly though, I had a new idea for a zine, so if you too are interested in community, real people, their lives, their stories, their thoughts & feelings; want to hear more about the individual rather than current affairs, or what's "cool" or celebrity bullshit; and are keen to combine digital blogging & solid publications (albeit DIY) then email me at jhessiggins@hotmail.co.uk & i'll take you out for a cup of tea and we can chat.

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