Monday, 29 September 2008

and a fuck all y'all

i think that maybe in about three paintings time (if i do those paintings within the next week) i'll be able to say "man, i really need some new paintbrushes" aloud.
imagine it, it would be amazing. however i don't think i should because i'm not very good at painting. it's annoying how my scanner saturates everything really badly.

i've made myself a little pocket book of beautiful and calming pictures so that when i'm on the bus and a baby is crying and it's parents are telling it to shut up and stop crying and i'm sad for the baby, or when i'm in english and my only friend is the empty plastic two seater table i'm sat with, i can whip it out and feel better because i can think "ok, these places exist, maybe i'll be there someday, maybe i won't, at least they're there. and anyway they're really pretty. it's nice to look at them"

if you find yourself in similar situations or are just a natural landscape sort of person, click here for the layout, and here for an optional cover & instructions of how to fold it and stuff'

the pictures are from "purnell's illustrated atlas" which is probably my favourite atlas right now.unfortunately most of the REALLY nice pictures from it went into peoples birthday presents and my hallway gallery. which nobody wants to exhibit in. which makes me sad. i'm going to look at my book now.

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