Thursday, 25 September 2008

another day at home

and probably my last so;
I have started a modern art gallery in the hallway outside my room, i call it

The first exhibition is called 'Geography';

it "showcases" all the stuff i've made over the past two days, opening 25th september until whenever

if you can't make the show because i haven't invited you to my house, which is perfectly normal,
you can order a CATALOGUE by e-mailing your address and answering the following questions

1) what is your name

1b) what do you wish your name was

2) when were you the happiest you have ever been

3) when were you the saddest you have ever been

4) in three words, describe your parents

5) tell me an exciting story

6) what makes you angry like the hulk

7) if you could apologise to one person, what would your apology be

8) what are your favourite colours

9) quote your favourite film

10) send me a link to a picture which makes you laugh

IMPORTANT; only smallish (5.75"x5.75") black & white versions are free once you've done the questionnaire, if you want a bigger (8.5"x8.5") colour version like in the picture (under the catalogue link), paypal me ( three poond fiddy as well as e-mailing me and i'll make you one, it'll have a nicer, coloured card cover, i promise, the one in the photos was a "prototype"

ALSO, if you would like me to put up an exhibition of your work, e-mail me an accrostick poem using the title of the exhibition, describing what it is about and what you want the exhibition to achieve (or not achieve, it can be as useless or useful as you like). attatch to the e-mail all of the images you want to be used (if you can) so i can print them out and stick them up, then i'll make a catalogue and post a few copies to you and make it available in the same way as this one.

Your exhibition can be about anything;
you could photograph your shoe collection, pictures of your friends sleeping (some people do that, it's not hugely creepy, i guess, it sort of is, but whatever), drawings from when you were a kid, even short pieces of writing.

I'm really being serious here.

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