Monday, 13 October 2008

altering images a la joachim schmid (with varying success) & a few things of noteable importance

1) issue four is 55% there
2) issue three will be available in all the usual places (magma, pop, nexus, vinyl exchange & picadilly records) tomorrow. delays due to lack of paper and energy to go buy paper
3) wilkinsons have stopped selling the paper i use for zines and notebooks. this poses many problems and makes me go WAAAAH. so from now on everything will look different. WAAAAH.
4) i have a new project under way which will be good good good. there will be more info soon. look forward to it.
5) anyone around picadilly records this week should try & find one of five handmade cd's that leveret has placed amongst cd racks, it will be a worthy find and it will be free.
6) i am bored of GEOGRAPHY. anybody who wants to exhibit in the hallway outside my room, check here.

turns out issue three WON'T be around tomorrow and nothing will be around anytime soon unless my printer sorts itself out.

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