Friday, 28 November 2008

left behind

this is nothing. i've been cutting things out and sticking things down and then using whats left over to stick down in a different way.

i'm really into this guy called nicholas venaglia. i spent the last of my weeks money on a couple of his zines. he inspired an ocean, so did mt eerie who are long lasting, venaglia made this amazing piece called fraigle noise, which also inspired that thing i'm working towards, but i'm going to call mine fragile noise, jess hilliard inspired that too (at least his book did, that i already blogged about, vaguely, and everyone everyone should read). i like alot at the moment. i'm hyper at the moment. i'm aWAKE

team everything say merry christmas

RAYMAH TARIQ has just made a post of photographs which will make up TEAM EVERYTHING'S collective christmas present to each other. The pictures are top notch (for which we have CAROLINE EDGE to thank for, for teaching us all we know last year) and they are feel-good. Raymah is also one of the sweetest people i have ever met. Go to her, meet her, invite her round for dinner, watch movies with her, conspire about elliott smith with her and give her a hug.

Wednesday, 26 November 2008


really sweet, really worth fighting through the tired, almost worth missing heroes. i'm joking. it was. the light was hard on my camera, i hope they didn't mind all the snapping and the flashing, it took alot to get anything good and i haven't taken pictures at a gig in a long time. if i could, i would call them up to apologise. black and white photos tend to be really cheesy unless you take them with b&w film, i'm sorry for that too, but they're easier exposure wise. really easier, thank you black and white setting.

I'm working towards something which i hope will be really nice but now i've said it it probably won't get done. still.

Tuesday, 25 November 2008


1 photograph, 6 collages, 3 drawings, 2 sentences. All can be yours (with hand drawn cover, wrapped in parcel paper (MAYBE, i'm thinking greaseproof paper is nicer)) for FIDDY PENCE or one pooond if you want it in FULL TECHNICOLOUR. remember, my paypal is JHESSIGGINS@HOTMAIL.CO.UK so feel free to send some dollar my way and ask for a piece of the ocean to be sent to your home address. it'll be sweet. i promise. especially if you're a person who is particularly interested in nothing type things. be quick, i'm only going to print ten copies of each part, however when part two or three will come, who can tell.

In other general news (if anyone has been thinking about this, or even if you weren't thinking about it at all, which is probablyworse for me but fine for you, really good for you); issue six is totally done and has been for a while, i think i already announced it and everything but i've been having troubles with buying paper, finding time to print, and even though i finally printed it tonight, a whole section is upside down due to carelessness and all sorts of other problems. Totally perfect and exquisitely stapled copies will be around on friday i think/hope and i'll get to issue seven post-haste. i promise

(that promise was more for my own good, not yours, maybe yours, bye)
mama and papa took me to see nick cave tonight, he was loud and angry and i had a lot of fun, it was almost spiritual. angry spiritual.

Monday, 24 November 2008

a well rounded day



today i bought a really nice scarf for a pound, when i was paying for it the lady said "ooh this is handknitted" in sort of a what-a-bargain tone but then that made me really upset because if something is HANDKNITTED it should be worth more than a pound. i feel pretty bad so i'm going to wear it every day this week to honour whoever put the hard work into making it. i'm wearing it right now and the house is pretty warm already. it may or may not have chilli on it.

ALSO, if anyone who reads this wants to help me out with my coursework, it would be SUPER AWESOME if you could document one of your days this week in photographs or by collecting things or something. It would be nice, i'll make collages combining our days and i'll share them with you and perhaps we'll be best friends. perhaps we already are.

Saturday, 22 November 2008

oh no

Our wedding was quiet and small, we weren't sure what else to do. We both liked the colour red and missed Fran and thought that it was okay and probably all we needed in common to do this.

i'm beginning to feel the effects of winter in a very big way.

Friday, 21 November 2008

Wednesday, 19 November 2008

north pole or south

It would be pretty sweet but someone told me the other day that they watched a show on tv and it said that if someone was passed out or dying or something from the cold or had fell into icy water, you'd have to get take off their clothes and take off your clothes and rub yourself on them to make them warm again, because if their body temperature was raised dramatically (if you put them near a fire or something) then they could die and the only way to help them is by your own body heat. Apparently there was a demonstration. It sounds really gross and it makes me sad because I would love to go to either of the poles and I've probably told everyone i know already but I will tell the entire webworld now; I would love to go to either of the poles.

today i went to town on a tree

Sunday, 16 November 2008


today i found out that i cannot draw cats and probably never will be able to. you will see why soon.

Wednesday, 12 November 2008

Monday, 10 November 2008





part two


I am going to cut my hair short and with a straight fringe again. maybe. it is a good idea. it is it is it is.


I am downstairs, he brings me orange juice, he touches my shoulder, he turns the radio on. ALL YOUR FAVOURITE TRACKS FROM 1954. Before now I have never known the date, never known that 1954 was a long time ago, 1954 was when my mother was born. 1954 was the date on her birth certificate, 1954 was the moment we began. He acts as though 1954 was yesterday. He hums along, he nods his head. He is cooking eggs, I watch him and I have a secret. The first secret I have ever had and I can not tell him. I am living in a stagnant and ever present danger. I am living in understanding.