Wednesday, 26 November 2008


really sweet, really worth fighting through the tired, almost worth missing heroes. i'm joking. it was. the light was hard on my camera, i hope they didn't mind all the snapping and the flashing, it took alot to get anything good and i haven't taken pictures at a gig in a long time. if i could, i would call them up to apologise. black and white photos tend to be really cheesy unless you take them with b&w film, i'm sorry for that too, but they're easier exposure wise. really easier, thank you black and white setting.

I'm working towards something which i hope will be really nice but now i've said it it probably won't get done. still.


Ish said...
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Ish said...

Woops,sorry Jess,I didn't realize the first letter in your name is pronounced with an h sound...and I didn't realize you are a girl...thanks again for the photos...again,God bless you and keep on keepin' on!