Tuesday, 25 November 2008


1 photograph, 6 collages, 3 drawings, 2 sentences. All can be yours (with hand drawn cover, wrapped in parcel paper (MAYBE, i'm thinking greaseproof paper is nicer)) for FIDDY PENCE or one pooond if you want it in FULL TECHNICOLOUR. remember, my paypal is JHESSIGGINS@HOTMAIL.CO.UK so feel free to send some dollar my way and ask for a piece of the ocean to be sent to your home address. it'll be sweet. i promise. especially if you're a person who is particularly interested in nothing type things. be quick, i'm only going to print ten copies of each part, however when part two or three will come, who can tell.

In other general news (if anyone has been thinking about this, or even if you weren't thinking about it at all, which is probablyworse for me but fine for you, really good for you); issue six is totally done and has been for a while, i think i already announced it and everything but i've been having troubles with buying paper, finding time to print, and even though i finally printed it tonight, a whole section is upside down due to carelessness and all sorts of other problems. Totally perfect and exquisitely stapled copies will be around on friday i think/hope and i'll get to issue seven post-haste. i promise

(that promise was more for my own good, not yours, maybe yours, bye)

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