Monday, 8 December 2008


i've been printing onto moleskin paper for college stuff and i was all BLAH BLAH COLLEGE STUFF I'M SICK OF YOU COLLEGE STUFF and decided not to finish what i was doing with them and i kind of liked printing onto moleskin paper because

a) the quality is good, i kind of got the idea from hollis brown thornton but he goes through some massive pigment transfer shit, i just went straight for inkjet.
b) i bought a whole £12.90 moleskin today with discount so it was £9.03 and then i tore it apart, i felt good tearing it apart, kind of like some stand against consumerism. moleskins aren't really bad things, they're actually good, i like using them, but they're overpriced and people are all "good quality notebook oh yes really well made hmm hmm" i feel a bit pretentious when i use one. maybe. i don't know, it felt good tearing it apart anyway. i tore very carefully of course so i could use the pages to print on.

yeah so i liked it so i printed this picture i scanned in from my atlas of the mountains and the sea and then i made that print into a little notebook and stuck a little white strip there for someones name. i might make more of these and sell them at a loss, (to stand against moleskin, even though i don't know why i want to) but then the image might be copyrighted or something.

anyway, if you want this for some reason (it's got 28 pages, the paper inside is okay, if you picked up issue six, thats the paper i used, kind of cheap sketchbook paper) then i will gladly trade for anything between a pack of cutters choice to american spirit
i do not accept amber leaf, gold leaf or drum, thanks.

that drop at these are the coolest things ever (and this one), is because issue seven is about 70% done.

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