Monday, 1 December 2008


For my unit four photography work and blah blah I'm asking people to document the second week of december through a series of tasks.
I will complete the tasks too - and ten times over - to create pieces of work (collages, photographs, whatevers) using the material i receive combined with my own documentation.

First though, i'm making little booklets explaining the tasks to give out, yo0u can have one if you like, you can stick things in it, write in it, poo on it, throw it at people, papier mache from it, whatever you want (but really if you get one, please don't take me up on the latter three suggestions, it would be nice if even as little as one of the tasks was completed.)

Once i've received everything and done all the combining and making and doing and papiermachéing, i'll send little personal books back to those who've helped with copies of the work which i've made from their specific contributions as a !thank you!
Well, the book i send back will actually be one of two copies, one of the copies will make up the final piece thing.

The collages up there were made lovingly this afternoon using google image results from searching the eighth of december; the ninth of december; the tenth of december; the twelth of december; the thirteenth of december and the fourteenth of december (alll the dates which the project will cover,) four of them will be chosen and become different covers for the booklets, they just need to be made more "cover-y" (adding a fancy photoshop title. woop woop). I'll probably finish them and print them up tomorrow and start givin' 'em out. SWEET.

The tasks (in summarised form) are as follows;
TASK ONE - Fill out the following diary pages as thoroughly as possible (pages with daynames are provided)
TASK TWO - Document one day this week in photographs
TASK THREE - Take clippings from one days newspaper this week
TASK FOUR - Collect things through one day this week
TASK FIVE - Take pictures of everyone who you spend time with one day this week
TASK SIX - Spend time with someone of significance to you one day this week, take pictures and write about it
TASK SEVEN - shove the completed booklet, along with all photos and clippings and collected things in the envelope provided and, if you've provided me with an address, wait to get your "response" back, in the mean time, check WWW.FLICKR.COM/PHOTOS/THISISWHATHAPPENED for images and updates and etc. etc. e-mail NICETOKNOW@ROCKETMAIL.COM with any questions or whatever.

If i know you, it is likely that i will give you a booklet and force you to help me out. if i don't know you and you want one, you might be able to find one around manchester, but if not, e-mail me and you can feel good about yourself for helping a brother out. OR if i do know you but don't give you a booklet because i'm not sure if you'd want one but you actually do, flick me on the nose, i'll cry a little, but i'll know what you mean and thank you for the kind thought.

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