Monday, 16 February 2009

it is happening

woah okay i bet you thought this was over and done with and forgotten, NO ITS NOT. it's really just beginning, and on the thirteenth of march you can finally finally see it. i'm working on a major blog update too, i feel guilty about not doing what i said i would do but i'm sorting those things out step by step. i'll make good.
this poster's kind of bad, i'll maybe do a clearer, nicer and more informative one at some point, or maybe you could make one for us? that would be nice.

you should come then, there'll be pictures and beer and people and we'll be selling the zine and we'll be selling your zine, if you want, we'll sell anything people want us to sell and we won't take any of their money. if you want to sell a zine or a cd or a short story or a tape or a whatever or any other type of "small publishing goods" that you've done, just drop us a line ( and we'll sort out for you either to send us a bunch, give us a bunch in person, or turn up on the night with a bunch, and we'll make you a wee pot for your coin.

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