Friday, 10 April 2009

on tuesday i was mostly on track

this is one eighth of the first good news newspaper. it's outdated now but the past is just as fine as the present, i hope. there's another eighth done and it's somewhere in my room, which means i am a quarter of the way there. plans are in place for issue one part two (collected stories featuring LUCY'S NEW THREADS, CALLUM'S DAD'S TUNNELS, RAYMAH'S BIKE and much much more) and issue two part one (THE LONG AND SHORT STORY OF TEAM SPIRIT), which means i am still really in the mood for you to send some good news my way. Thanks.
i'm slow at getting round to these things but i've been semi-busy making a living, dehumanising, and trying to rehumanise again. i'm somewhere mid-way i think.

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