Thursday, 28 May 2009


THIS IS THE VERY FIRST BEDROOM BROADCAST. It is an hour (intentionally. realistically it is one hour and nine minutes) long radio show, it was made at 0530 hrs on the 28th May 2009 by Jess Higgins (me) and Julia Scott (her). It is kind of like hanging out with your two best pals, listening to your favourite songs, buzzing  about good things, sharing the news, spreading a bit of word and shaking your limbs while nobody is there to see it. 
It's a fine slice of time, we had a good one, maybe you will too.

Due to the hour and the lack of radio experience (neither of us had done this before... ever) sometimes we talk too much over songs, wheel off in untangible conversational directions, say annoying and embarrassing things and make noise that shouldn't be heard on pro radio. But this is TRUTH. It is HONESTY. It is TRYING A NEW THING.
IT IS WHAT IT IS (.. that's a statement.)

There will be an accompanying booklet SOON, and you could probably buy it in print at some point or download it and print it off yourself, here is what is in store.

-What is the bedroom broadcast?
-What is where and where is what (a visual hand-drawn guide by Julia Scott)
-The shape of it all
-NORTH(wall) SOUTH(wall) EAST(wall) WEST(wall)
-You are here (but not for much longer) : an interview
-Julia drew for a while, Jess smoked
-Not an inventory (intention over action, pure truth and honesty)
-A chronologically ordered and annotated catalogue of the bedroom show: a collaborative and ever shifting exhibition of pictures and things, curated by Julia Scott
-An Apology....
(including a track list, tying up loose ends and what it was all made from.) 

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