Thursday, 14 May 2009


This week has been five collages (A2), one sabotage (A1), one shortcut (A4), 4 newspapers (21(ish) x A4), two essays (1000 words each), a mountain of mounting, three sketchbooks, one all nighter, two days in bed, two new pairs of shoes, one bruised toe, strained opposing angle and sore legs in general, one coffee stained t-shirt, a bunch of broken promises, tiny lies, pom-bears and french pastries, sinking feelings, avoidance, acceptance, intention, two albums on repeat, one pair of broken headphones (and no replacement as of yet), one attempt at gaining respect (thwarted), one mix-cd (thought about but not, yet, complete), two packages, one gift, re-runs and re-thinks, buzz, deflation, planning a getaway aaaand a bunch of other stuff. It is over and it is time to move forward, there's alot of good news coming. TRUST.

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