Tuesday, 30 June 2009


the last day of the month means WORK BEGINS on june's issue of THIS IS THE GOOD NEWS. it ain't a habit, promise, it's not like i'm the first person in the history of the universe to have troubles getting some balls to roll. and it's not gonna be anything worth any kind of hype and suspense. it'll be what it'll be, june is a straaaange time. i spent half the month waiting for a typewriter ribbon that, when it came, was too freakin' big. no bother, a bit of home remanufacturing, inky fingers and selotape sorted that out

and yep you guessed it, this issue will be typewritten due to low self esteem in the handwriting department, and low respect for desktop publishing.

This is a photograph of the long forgotten typing desk, which has for many months, been left as a storage space, most currently for the remains of we are young and we are trying, remember that? it still exists. sort of. there are still copies. you can still have one.


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