Wednesday, 15 July 2009


001 is on a mejores rollito.!
two new contributions from


a couple more questions and answers are in the pipeline to (hopefully) build up to a 40 (ish) page beast of a volume, housed in 12" gatefold style screenprinted packaging, along with assorted supplementary ephemera. i can't wait, can you?

In other, more solemn news; everyone's favourite idealistic newspaper has pretty much gone ADRIFT. june/july is a weird time of year/life, and yours truely has been feeling the effects in a big way, which doesn't leave the best headspace for GOOOOOOD news. Keep believing though, it should be back, this isn't the end, it's just a night on the couch, a cool off trip back home, nothing to worry about. It was going to be 100% in the scrapper but hey thats not the right attitude kids, these things just take time, sleep and careful slow thought.

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