Wednesday, 12 August 2009


THIS is fairly spontaneous
it is b&w, 22 ink paintings/drawings & one double spread collage = 24 pages, inkjet printed on sugar paper, and comes free with a compilation of SONGS TO PLAY AT YOUR WEDDING.
it will cost £3.00

& THIS is something i've been thinking about for a while.
it is three A3 posters about & of manifestos, inkjet printed on newsprint. y'dig
it will also cost £2.00

note: above is only half the picture it is, if that isn't obvious
It might look like 90% of everything I do gets turned into a zine or something, this is for two reasons, the first is deeply psychological and boring, the second is that on FRIDAY NIGHT i will be selling things along with some other people at TEARS ON THE GOLF COURSE's third year anniversary & final show at KRO BAR. The line-up includes everyone's new favourite band WAITERS who are soon to be big in JAPAN. I am excited for them. There will also be some other good bands and some good records being played. I will be selling these two things, a cleaner colour version of THIS IS NOT MT.EVEREST, the much brushed over MT.LIFE and a few copies of WE ARE YOUNG AND WE ARE TRYING. Come along, enjoy the atmosphere, have a beer, spend some money, i am trying to save up for a tattoo.

In other news, MUSEUMS 001 is very nearly ready to PRINT! And there is also a museums solo zine by GEORGIA HARRISON in the pipeline, which i am seriously stoked about.

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