Saturday, 5 September 2009


Is going to be pretty pretty amazing, it will last for one entire week, A WEEK! which is a pretty nice and a long time but it could probably last a life time. that's fo sho'! It's gonna be ram jammed with non profit hippy shit (in the best way) like gigs and screenings and exhibitions and talks and workshops. I'm taking the week off work and the trusty old national express (this time round, same price as mega bus, plu' convenient times!) to be there. I highly recommend that you do the same. 
There's going to be a whole itinerary on the WEBSITE fairly soon, but until then I am positive that these three things are going to happen;

me and julia are going to be ran off our feet rooming news. YEP!. there's going to be radio, print & television, broadcasts at breakfast lunch and tea, anchormen and women, costume departments, photocopying, rooftop transmitters and tv walls. 
A DREAM! it's gonna be good news through and through, past and present, sweet sweat vibes.
THIS IS THE GOOD NEWS returns! and it will be hanging around the old hairdressers opposite STEREO

this will be an exhibition of photocopies from fanzines that my Pa made and collected from about '79-'94. there are over 400 fanzines in the collection, not even accounting related ephemera, copies of FRANK'S APA, and a selection of era specific mixtapes, also kindly donated by Pa. This exhibition will exist for juuuuust one day (WEDNESDAY 23RD) and will act as a north of the border prelude to a true library back down at home (which has been brewing for a while... soon!), it'd be a sweet deal to take everything up there, but i've only got two arms, so photocopies, background music and hopefully some freeeebie handouts will be a wee (and surprisingly filling) apeterif .
Please make your way to 
FLAT 1.1,

with any (financially shaky) luck there will be a screening of Beautiful Losers sometime over the weekend (25th or 26th). Which is pretty much the most exciting non-fictional cinematic outing since Spinal Tap... right? JOKE! 
There's already some buzz about it over on the MUSEUMS blog, we're bringing it to Manchester less than a week after this one, i'm not going to repeat excitement, just BE THERE!
There is a venue TBC status on this one, but keep checking back and get yourself a download of that programme when it's up, we'll be making it happen!

SOUNDS LIKE A HOLI HOLI DAY, it'll be good clean (cold cold cold) fun.

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