Thursday, 10 December 2009


So the past week and a bit (and kind of the past month or more) has been spent slicing the hell out of hundreds of sheets of paper, watching my printer develop alzheimers while it chews and chews at all my hard work and shoulder pain (really! yeeeeeowch!), taking about ten trips to clahs ohlson for craft paper and ink, ordering more ink and more paper over the internet, feeling sick from having too much ink and too much paper but not enough food and "HELPING YOURSELF IS NOT A SIN: TRANSCRIPTS FROM THE "SHARON MAYFIELD TEACHES YOU HOW TO LIVE AND GET TO KNOW YOURSELF ALONG THE WAY" TAPE SERIES" but moreso "REASONS TO KEEP QUIET" in all those early hours.
THIS is the very first completed and stitched and trimmed and bound copy of MUSEUMS 001.

Look at my hands, look how much bigger it is than my hands! That's big! It is approximately 12" wide and 11.75" tall, about a quarter inch thick and 46 pages long. FOUR of those pages hang out slap bang in the centre and are a seriously beautiful fold out spread of drawings by LUCY JONES depicting the HEROES OF NIAGARA FALLS (look forward to that, mamas and papas!), which can be seen printing in the photograph below

THEEEE Office! which is probably tidier in this photograph (believe it or not) than it has been in a while, not that I am a particularly messy person, just that t
he printing and the paper and the ink has mostly been my life and i live much of my life on the floor, beneath the table is a monstrous box full of 40 fully collated sets of prints ready to have the LJ drawings slotted in and be STITCHED. The second printer over there is designated for DAVID BAILEY'S new comic MARKS AND SPENCERS SPONSORS MARK RONSON, which is  halfway printed already and RIDICULOUSLY FUNNY. Dave has also just opened a shop in AFFLECKS PALACE, it's called GOOD GRIEF and is the most exciting thing to happen in a while.
There are also two waste paper bags, two heavy things for trying to flatten paper that was once rolled, another box full of paper, a rug which needs respreading, more rolls of paper and a binbag and letterpress machine that have nothing to do with the zine. What's not in this picture but very much part of the MUSEUMS BEDROOM OFFICE is a very big cutting mat, a two foot long rule, a verr swish rotary blade, two big packages of A1 greyboard, pencils and rubbers, one template for cutting, one template for stitching, about a million different scraps of paper and mock ups of the sleeve, a thick thick needle, a big dried out ball of white tac, thread and two paper clips. as well as a load of newsprint and two/three screenprinted posters, but they're not here right now.
Street date? we'll see.

Here is a picture of my christmas tree, which is the other thing I dragged and decorated since you' been gone.

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