Wednesday, 20 January 2010


This is a photograph of photographs from the second to last funeral that I went to. It is hopefully the last photograph of photographs because I am soon to inherit the Higgins family scanner, Ma & Pa are upgrading.

This is a photograph of the Twelve Healers, a very special little book which is on it's way, second class mail to JULIA SCOTT, of Glasgow and recently of Berlin, she is home safe now but we still miss her dearly south of the border.
The contents of which are remedies for the following;
- For Fear
- For Uncertainty
- For Insufficient Interest in Present Circumstances
- For Loneliness
- For Those Over-sensitive to Influences and Ideas
- For Despondency or Despair
- For Overcare for Welfare of Others
Expect a fanzine... soon.

This is a photograph of balls of clothes which were ready to be Tie-Dyed with bleach, very cool right now.

This is a photograph of a full run (41) of Marks & Spencers Sponsors Mark Ronson, DAVID BAILEY's top Clahs comic for MUSEUMS.

This is a photograph of all three of Tim Lahan's posters, screenprinted by myself and LUCY JONES, all folded and numbered, also 41 of each, ready to hang out with Dave's comic & the book from the previous post, all 41 copies of which are now stitched (with the help of MIRIAM AVERY) and ready to be bound.

This is a photograph of the red whistling kettle which Miriam got me for christmas. It is my pride and joy. Miriam & I recently played records at KATY FLYNN's birthday hoedown, which took place at Islington Mill, also on the bill was Irma Vep, Waiters & Former Bullies, who played all the hits and a sweet time was had by all. AVERY & HIGGINS would be interested in DJing again, we have many good qualities to offer.

Also in the news; a few people's favourite show HEROES is back to much relief and excitement, gracing everyone's saturday night with more drama than you'll ever find at TigerTiger. I will be going to PERRY & LAETITIA'S later today to watch it and drink Coca Cola, P&T managed to brave the digital switchover and post a really nice end of year list on their blog, as well as working on some sweet tape releases for 2010, AND compile their best mix yet LOVE MEANS GOOD NEWS FOR YOU. Yes!  Also on our TV schedule, MADMEN returns to screens this Wednesday... double Yes!

See picture evidence for MUSEUMS progress, all components are completed (or there abouts..) and ready to go, there is still work to do, the screenprinted gatefold sleeves for example (big job), but it is on it's way, work has been slow due to 
a) christmas
b) being snowed in (or ... out) for a week
c) the laziest holiday ever. Yes, I am on HOLIDAY, which has, thus far, meant a week off work to lie in bed, fine dine, run a few life errands, crash the Alan Fletcher opening at CUBE gallery (to mixed reviews, I thought it was fine and fully accept the inescapable downfalls of an extensive retrospective) and a trip back home for an injection (into my SHOULDER BONE, leaving my left arm out of action) and to visit my pa, who was in bed, so I ate crisps alone and watched half an episode of the Gilmore Girls.

Other exciting things are; THIS WEBSITE, a full archive of J.D Salinger writings, most importantly (to me) unanthologised works that can only be read in print if you a) lived fifty years ago & bought The New Yorker alot, or b) had the means to fork out a lot of money for back issues. THE COLLECTED STORIES OF LORRIE MOORE, which only set me back 80p and has every short story Moore has ever written including four stories which haven't been in any anthology previous, it is beautiful, tragic and funny. Spending money on records rather than rent (notably an original of THIS which has recently been reissued by Mississipi Records, found for £4 during a near clockwork weekly visit to King Bee with M.Avery (we mean it about the DJing..) and of course, SEINFELD series one through four and counting. Christmas was good too.

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