Tuesday, 2 February 2010


80% photocopied (A5 zine "REASONS" 12 pages, drawings & a photograph; A3 poster of JD Salinger (r.i.p) / flip side = excerpt from "Franny and Zooey" + SPT ticket as bookmark; "The Twelve Healers" content page; 1/10 from "Track Plans"; "Part One: Two Thousand Years of Counting Sheep", 3400 words) 
20% originals (1/10 postcards from "A Pictorial History of The Isle of Man Steam Packet Ships" w/ handwritten message (eg. "dear true love, will you miss me when i'm gone" "dear beyonce knowles, you are my spirit sister" "dear everyone i have ever known, i am sorry for everything (still)" ) ; 1/10 pages w/ typewritten, letraset or handwritten characters, using excess paper that was once used to print "These Are The Coolest Things Ever" (r.i.p) of 08/09)
Wrapped in an A3 photocopy of a collage which got left in photocopier No. 6.

Available from GOOD GRIEF, £4. 

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