Monday, 19 April 2010


ONCE AND FOR ALL! ALL AND FOR ONCE! The Stomach Pump archive is going to be exhibited. With help from the SALFORD ZINE LIBRARY and C.O.A.T, between the 7th May-12th May at Islington Mill, Salford, all 788 fanzines will be displayed for your perusal. The collection, which was breifly previewed on the walls of a flat in Glasgow last September, dates back from the 70's and spans right into the early 90's, each zine has been photocopied or mimeographed and they come from all around the world. There will be hand drawn covers, typewriting, letraset, letters, short stories, comics strips, jokes and general fandom. You are INNNNVITED, as ever, to come along and look and touch and photocopy your favourite bits. 
Alongside Stomach Pump will be the official launch of the Salford Zine Library's collection, which has been growing for the past few months, tasters of which can be seen on their blog. It is a very important thing they are doing and so worthy of celebration!
Also for your viewing pleasure will be a small selection of original work from Museums One! Hot tamale!

Come party from 7pm on the 7th May 2010!
We'd love it! 


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