Thursday, 13 May 2010


- a performance piece in which the entirety of 'the smiths' by The Smiths is sung, crouched & jumping over a series of drum machine samples

- a black & white film in which many everyday men smile (the act of, beginning with straight faces, without laughing)

- a series of picket signs created by a group of eighteen - twenty three(?) year old people about what they believe in, ie. 'for' rather than 'against' (the age range is important, people who are not old enough to have voted in a general election before the recent, 2010 one)

- a patchwork quilt made of the spare bedding donated by a grandmother, mother & daughter. 

- 'something' entitled "tell me that i'm dying" 

- 'the great exhibition' a show in which non-artists, preferrably public sector workers, create/think up & display inventions which ultimately make their life and work easier

note; the invention does not have to be a device, it could be a method of action/thought

- census 2010, a year ahead of the next census, spend time trying to recall and list all the people you have ever known, their occupation/situation at the time of "knowing" them, and what they are "doing" at the current moment, or if this  information is unatainable, what they might be doing. full names are preferrable but in doubt, label them based on characteristics/situation ie "ginger, fair skinned boy from reception class who was my best friend for a few months (until he moved schools, upon leaving i gave him a multipack of chewits wrapped in paper with red roses on) because he was the only person who could connect on the same level."

- a short black and white film which alternates between footage of my mothers face in close up, portrait, profile & from behind, and slowed down footage of myself dancing, back to the camera, slowly, trying to do ballet, with large swooping gestures in an empty, white room. 

- 'today is a new day' a series of manifestos based on every minor detail and action of a regular day in life, from waking, breakfast etc. to sleep

- get unofficially married (ie. change your last name to that of the person/persons - double barrel could be fine - you decide to unofficially marry.), hold a function in honour of the marriage, and 55 hours later, get an unofficial divorce (change your surname back to it's original). 55 hours is the length of time that Britney Spears' marriage lasted with her childhood friend Jason Allen Alexander

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