Saturday, 8 May 2010


THE SALFORD ZINE LIBRARY LAUNCH AND STOMACH PUMP EXHIBITION IS OPEN NOW! AND UNTIL WEDNESDAY 12TH MAY. Thanks to Matt, Craig and Kate (SZL) for making the room look absolutely beautiful, the opening was a great success, we had people and beers and tables and music and zines all over the wall. 
It would be more than worth your while to go to Islington Mill one day and spend some time looking through all 788 of them. Really!
Also on display was an exhibition of things associated with MUSEUMS ONE, this brought feelings of 1) Pride 2) Full-ness 3) Joy. 

The first fifteen copies of MUSEUMS TWO: BIGGEST FAN were given away free on the night, the other 35 copies will be distributed in this way; 25 - contributors (twenty-five!); 3- favours; 7 for sale, £10 a pop baby and totally worth it. Pictures & a beefed up bloWpost about that later 

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Kenny Cole said...

Congrats Jess Higgins! The space looks great...what a collection of zines!