Tuesday, 29 June 2010


THIS took longer than expected, and will take longer to properly materialise. Originally planned in a much larger format with far more pages & 100% photocopied, NO MORE HEADACHES is now, due to financial reasons, an A5 book, 20 pages long, and comes in a variety of different colours (inside & out.) Half way through printing, the trusty canon from my early teens finally gave in, which is just about the worst thing to happen to me. Luckily a trip back home to deliver some GIFTS proved worthwhile on the printing front, and now FIFTEEN copies exist, most of the material comes straight out of the recent GOOD GRIEF! exhibition, but there is a couple more never seen before treats...

If you want one, e-mail jhessiggins@hotmail.co.uk, I've got about three copies ready to go. 
OR pop into GOOD GRIEF as per usual in a week or so, when I've got my bag act together. But go there before then to pick up your copy of MZ-003, it's truly gnarly

speaking of GIFTS, remember that? well don't despair, part 3 will be coming, I'm about to move house.. again.

ALSO, NO WOMB now have a blog.

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