Monday, 14 June 2010


The GOOD GRIEF GROUP SHOW opens WEDNESDAY NIGHT at Trof, from around 7.30, be in Fallowfield, go to McDonalds, then come & look at some excellent wallspace (installation began on Monday & it is looking INCREDIBLE. Record based entertainment provided by Beat Unhappening DJs, Former Bullies DJs and .... AVERY & HIGGINS RIDE AGAIN  billed as NO WOMB DJs, YES BABY. NO WOMB will also be singing and playing instruments for you at the Klondyke Club in Levenshulme on Saturday.

Also, on the 26th June 2010, come to the Deaf Institute for C.O.A.Ts D.I.Y D A Y, there's gonna be bands (Please, Human Hair, Prize Pets, Mazes, Golden Grrls) a BBQ, zine stalls (GOOD GRIEF for buying &SALFORD ZINE LIBRARY for browsing), perhaps a bakesale AND the first ever Manchester screening of 'SHIELD AROUND THE K: THE STORY OF K RECORDS' a film that was made a few years ago by Heather Rose Dominic and really should've been around more, now it is! 
It will also mark the release date of the third official MUSEUMS PRESS release, a reissue of the seminal story by RLPerry; 'SCARS OF THE NINETEEN NINETIES OR THERE IS NO US BUT THERE IS A VERY DEFINITE THEM'
It will be your first opportunity to get your copy & I cannot encourage you more to do so. 

The whole day will be done by around seven o'clock so that everyone can get back to drinking beer and watching football. GOOD. 

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